Saturday, September 18



Our vision

is to put together an event with a large crowd of Canby youth lasting three hours. We will have a carnival type environment with games, food and live music. There will be some major prizes given away through raffle and games. Some of our talented friends will come out in character and engage everyone, making them laugh. Finally we will present a gospel themed message.

youth workers

from various churches and organizations throughout Canby gathered together to mutually encourage and support one another. Out of that gathering the vision for a community wide event for all the youth of Canby was born.

Imagining all of the kids we interact with each week together in one place is an incredibly exciting idea to us! We would love to invite all of those groups within our community who have a concern for youth to partner with us.

Our goal

is to connect youth to all the possible ministries with which they can be involved in the following school year. We will highlight each church and group and we will all have a presence at the event. An undertaking of this size presents many needs and we would love for you to join us in this endeavor.

join us at the Clackamas county fairgrounds!